Sundays at Trinity

English Language Worship Service 10:30am, Worship Center

Servicio en Español - 10:30am, Myra Chapel


Time of Prayer - 8:00am, Ed Center 7

Adult Classes - 9:00am

  • Shepherds Class, 9:00am, Fellowship Hall 
  • Chosen Class, 9:00am, Ed Center 5 & 6
  • Adult Class, 9:00am, Ed Center 


Trinity Students

Please worship with your family in the service.


Trinity Kids

Please follow the orange signs to check your kids in prior to the 10:30 am services.  Check in opens at 10 am.  You may drop your kids off (Nursery and Preschool) at their classroom starting at 10:15 am.  For kids in K-6th please take them into the service with you and they will be released to their classes, after worship, at 10:55 am.  Please head to your child's classroom after the service, to check out and pick up your kids. 

  • First Steps (Birth-2yrs) 10:15am, Nursery (Follow First Steps Signs)
  • Explorers (3, 4, non-K 5’s) 10:15am, Ed Center 4 (Follow Explorers Signs)
  • Quest (Grades K-6) released from Worship Service to Quest Room (Follow Quest Signs)


Bible Study, 5:00pm, Library

Awana, 5:00pm, Myra Chapel