Trinity Groups

Do you find yourself going constantly, never having a moment to slow down? Do you look around and wonder why it is that you don't have meaningful relationships, or someone to lean on during hard times? Do you need some people, who have earned the place in your life, to look you in the face and ask you the hard questions about what is truly meaningful, and how you can implement more of those things in your life? We all need people to do life with. This is the goal of Trinity Groups.  We don't just want to sit around strictly talking about our feelings. We want you to have a group of people that will be there for you, and maybe more importantly, will allow you to be there for them. We want to serve each other. Care for each other. Be there to live life with each other. If you are interested in making life long relationships, or if you are just looking for a way to deepen your faith, a Small Group would be a great way to get connected.  Fill out the form below, and we will be in contact to help you get connected.